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12.01.2012, 07:01

Can't access my crashed hard drive

I have 2 hard drives on my computer, a 2 Gig, that has Windows installed on it . They are two totally separate drives, not partitions.Anyway, one day I booted up the computer and Windows wouldn't recognize the D: drive. The BIOS read it fine. I concluded that my hard drive crashed. Is there any way I can recover the data? I have tried to access the D: drive in DOS, but It doesn't want to read it for some unknown reason. Any help is appreciated.

Daten wiederherstellung


17.01.2012, 16:37

Hi Jorden,

make shure that your HDDs are connected correctly or try to change the SATA / ATA cable and try again.
If this do not have success maybe the controller of the MoBo could also be failing and you should try another one.

If you do not have already you should download and burn a KNOPPIX or UBUNTU live CD and try to start the PC with this
device. An alternative would be to attach your HDD to an other PC via USB- converter cable or directly and internally.

Knoppix does not care about Windows passwds, you can access your C:/my documents at Win7 without any pass.

Good luck to you...

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